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Paul R Orlowski

Salvatore Mannello:
We need more info: type of feedstock, product targets, type of unit. If the feed has a low UOP K Factor (very hard to crack) and unit targets are max gasoline/max octane barrel and LPG, and the reactor cyclones system is a short contact time, the multi-feed atomizing system is very well performing (properly steam/feed ratio, good pressure drop, nozzles tips in good shape…), the cat/oil presumably high (high mix zone temp/high feed percent vaporization=avoid coke formation) and the main fractionator bottom residence time short, the said parameters appears adequate. But if the feedstock has a high UOP Kfactor (very crackable), operating the unit with the above parameters, likely, everything is converted: bottom product probably disappear, gasoline decrease dramatically/LPG increase consequently, coke and gas increase significantly.

Maybe your situation is similar to not equal to the first, so I agree with your consultant: run tests to optimize your unit, according to your objectives.

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