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Paul R Orlowski

Solly Ismail:
I am retired and have no skin in this game. So what I am writing is I hope to help improve the area of FCC knowledge. It is cynical but unfortunately true.

Most refineries buy or change catalyst based on marketing hype and simplistic technical evaluations provided by suppliers. Yet, suppliers tell FCC operators that each FCC is unique.

Simple questions regarding asymmetry of information are often not raised.

An ISO 9000 certificate of catalyst quality supplied to the refinery is generally not asked. Nor are third party evaluations carried out.

Many refineries are charged highly specialized catalyst prices for formulations which are in fact commodities. Catalyst performances should not be based on lunches/ superficial technical presentations in fancy hotels but hard technical evaluations.

A more discerning critical supply chain/technical expertise can increase FCC profitability and throw light of areas which really need focus.

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