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gary m pitman

Sorry to hear you are struggling with coke cutting deepesh1534.
I’ve been to more than 100 cokers, and everyone has issues with coke fines.

Some items that may affect the amount of coke fines in the cutting are:

· The crude slate.

· The coil outlet temperature which can make the coke dusty, sandy, ash like and generates fines.

· Coke cutting techniques. If you pulverize the coke with the cutting system, you make more coke fines.

· Configuration of the cutting water recycling system (the maze).

· Cycle time – is there enough time for the coke fines to settle out in the maze?

· How often is the maze cleaned to reduce the buildup and allow the channels to work properly?

· Most cutting water tanks have an agitation and drain system. Is that being used on a routine basis?

· Pull samples at the jet pump suction at different times of the coke drum cycle as a base point for comparison throughout the water flow.

· Issues with the cutting tool operation requires more investigation. There may be other issues affecting that.

I highly suggest using an Infrared (IR) camera to take a picture of the side of the jet tank to show the level of the coke in the jet tank.

You can focus your analysis in the areas I listed above. If you would like me to go into more details about your specific site, you can reach me, Gary Pitman, directly on the contacts ( page.

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