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Paul R Orlowski

Zachary Ballard
Great points Alan, we walnut shell nightly now and vary the size of this medium. We also complete an expander spall usually every 6 to 8 months.

Douglas Stieb, PMP
I’ve seen walnut shelling as often as every shift. Might also consider the activities involved to bypass the expander during an FCC run. If you envision bypassing fairly often, to service the expander, could install additional equipment to isolate and blank more efficiently – and safer to personnel installing the blanks.

Shobhit Awasthi
As per my little experience with turbo expander , TSS efficiency in view of fines to be taken care, try to operate expander on a constant load and periodic thermal cycling also helps

Paul Orlowski
Makes sense Douglas Stieb, PMP to install additional isolation valves if expander is frequently bypassed for service.

Mauro Natalini
if interessed on TE Isolation valves to reduce downtime , IMI Remosa has already installed the right systems (Not only special valves) and we have the technology and experiences to support FCC Customers around the World.
Special patented automated Isolation valve can be used to reduce time to blink improving the safety of operators. more information available on demand.

Mohammed Abdulrahman
Are you using walnut shell injection? Do you monitor efficiency drop? Do you take frequent photos from the port to see how deposits looks like? Any use of SOx abatement additives?

Naveen Dimri
Review the internal flow path by doing CFD. Also you need to know if deposition is on blade or on shroud for proper root cause analysis.

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