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About Us

REFCOMM® serves the oil industry by providing consulting, training and conferences especially for residue upgrading – bottom of the barrel.


Our mission is to connect the downstream refining community and technology providers.   To achieve this, the company brings together the Delayed Coker, Fluid Catalytic Cracker, Resid HydroCracker and Solvent Deasphalting and Sulfur operators and reliability technicians, process, project and mechanical engineers, inspectors, supervisors, managers, suppliers, and EPC’s to learn from each other’s expertise and improve productivity while lowering the risk.

What We Do

The Refining Community has been hosting high quality, technical, international refining conferences (RefComm®) since 2001. Content is provided by refiners and suppliers and vetted by an industry advisors group.  The presentations and papers share the latest processes, innovations, best practices and lessons learned. Conferences have been held in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  They are now held annually in North America, South America and Europe.

The Refining Community offers technical training courses for Delayed Coking (DCU), Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCCU), Coke Drum Integrity, Refining Fundamentals and other topics.  Courses are offered at the beginning of RefComm®, at regional locations and customized for refinery and vendor locations. Contact us to arrange training.

The Refining Community provides consulting services through it’s Field Services division:

How We Do It

The Refining Community is about building community, whether that is suppliers broadening their customer base or refiners expanding their technical base.  Networking is a key strategy.  This is achieved face-to-face at RefComm®; by communicating through website forums, blogs and discussion; and by being in the midst of peoples’ interactions in their social media of choice such as LinkedIn and Facebook.  All these networking mechanisms enable knowing who to ask and options to reach them.

Who We Work With

The Refining Community is unique in their approach to who is important. While some conferences are tailored to executives only, Refining Community sees the value in having the entire refinery represented.  Connecting and motivating operators with knowledge inspires them to be more productive and excel.  Someone close to the iron and at-risk with day-to-day operations has a keen awareness of productivity gaps.  Combining them with input from process engineers, reliability staff and managers gives a complete perspective and builds a broad network for solutions and innovation.

Regular attendees include refinery representatives from ExxonMobil, BP, CHS, Chevron, MOLGROUP, Indian Oil, Reliance, PDVSA, YPF, ENAP, LyondellBasell, CITGO, Total, Petrobras, Petron, Petrom, OMV, Marathon, Phillips 66, Sinclair, PBF, Shell, Tupras, KNPC, LOTOS, AXION and many more.

Company History Highlights

RefComm® Conferences

12001Houston, TXDelayed Coking
22002League City, TXDelayed Coking
32003League City, TXDelayed Coking
42004League City, TXDelayed Coking
52005League City, TXDelayed Coking
62006League City, TXDelayed Coking
72007League City, TXDelayed Coking
8Calgary, CanadaDelayed Coking
92008League City, TXDelayed Coking
10Calgary, CanadaDelayed Coking
11Cologne, GermanyDelayed Coking
122009Galveston, TXDelayed Coking & Coke Drums
13Calgary, CanadaDelayed Coking & Coke Drums
14Rio de Janeiro, BrazilDelayed Coking & Coke Drums
152010League City, TXSulfur
16League City, TXCatCracking
17Galveston, TXDelayed Coking
18Calgary, CanadaDelayed Coking & Sulfur
192011Galveston, TXDelayed Coking & CatCracking
20Dusseldorf, GermanyDelayed Coking & CatCracking
212012Galveston, TXDelayed Coking & CatCracking
22Ft. McMurray, CanadaDelayed Coking
232013Galveston, TXDelayed Coking & CatCracking
24New Delhi, IndiaDelayed Coking & CatCracking
252014Galveston, TXDelayed Coking & CatCracking
26Rio de Janeiro, BrazilDelayed Coking & CatCracking
272015Galveston, TXDelayed Coking, CatCracking, Shale
28Manama, BahrainDelayed Coking
292016Galveston, TXDelayed Coking, CatCracking, Sulfur, I&E
30Mumbai, IndiaDelayed Coking
312017Galveston, TXDelayed Coking, CatCracking
32Budapest, HungaryDelayed Coking, CatCracking, Sulfur
332018Galveston, TXDelayed Coking, CatCracking, Sulfur
34Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDelayed Coking, Sulfur
352019Galveston, TXDelayed Coking, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Resid HydroCracking
36Rotterdam, NetherlandsDelayed Coker, Fluid Catalytic Cracking
37Mumbai, IndiaDelayed Coking

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