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2nd Crude Refinery Proposed for BC

photo: Miguel Borges

Pacific Energy Future Corp., a new Vancouver-based company, is looking at building sites in Prince Rupert to build a C$10 billion oil refinery.  This is the second new refinery proposed for Canada’s north-west coast to process the large quantities of crude oil coming out of Alberta’s oil sands.  Samer Salameh, Executive Chairman of Pacific Energy Future Corp., said that the refinery could be producing and exporting refined products in about seven years.  In its initial phase, the refinery will process 200,000 bpd, with an eventual capacity of 1 million bpd.

The people of BC and over 130 First Nations continue to express concern over the environmental impacts to the BC coast and their traditional territories.

Canadian newspaper mogul David Black is also going ahead with a $27 billion plan to build a 550,000 bpd plant in Kitimat.

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