RefComm Galveston 2019

RefComm Galveston 2019

GALVESTON – Training, Conference, and Exhibition

April 29 – May 3, 2019, 8am-5pm

Delayed Coking, CatCracking, Sulfur Recovery (Amine, Sour Water, Claus, Tailgas)

We’re celebrating 20 years of worldwide excellence in consulting, training and conferences.  RefComm® is recognized as the premier global conference for Delayed Coking, Fluid Catalytic Cracking and Sulfur Recovery (covering Amine Treating, Sour Water Stripping, Claus Plant and Tailgas).  RefComm deals with production goals, environmental regulations, revamps and maintaining equipment in your refinery. RefComm is highly unit specific and targets engineers, maintenance, and managers of these process units to discuss fine details of these processes in a way not possible in more broad conferences.  RefComm® caters to the operators in your units. (See “Why so many operators attend” and conference videos).  The week starts with 2 optional days of training, followed by the technical conference and 100 exhibit booths with the latest technologies. Ask about the FCC and Sulfur promotion! Send your crews. Get them better equipped to run efficiently and safely with More Production and Less Risk!

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