Successfully Operating Your FCCU

The FCCU is one of the most versatile units in the refinery. Maximize production and minimize risk by using what you learn in this course to enhance your understanding of the CatCracker, increase your confidence and improve your day-to-day operations.

RefComm® - Successfully Operating Your FCCU

Mon-Tue, May 8-9 2017

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You Will Learn

  • Overview of the FCCU
  • Equipment Overview
    • Regenerator
    • Reactor
    • Standpipes and Risers
    • Flue Gas System
    • Fractionator
    • Blower
    • Compressor
    • Heater
  • Heat Balance
  • Pressure Balance
  • Safety Instrumented Systems & Interlocks
  • Troubleshooting & Problem-Solving
  • Learning your unit
  • Startup and Shutdown Procedures and Philosophy
  • PreStartup Preparation
  • Applying Incidents from the FCC

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who operate an FCCU or those working with operators in an FCCU (Environmental, Inspection, Planning & Economics, Reliability, etc….). This course is also designed for an engineer who is new to the FCC process or who wants to understand the day-to-day operations.


An understanding of refining processes and petroleum refinery terminology is expected, having some experience with the FCC unit is helpful.

Your Instructor

Bryan Lewis

Bryan Lewis  Bryan Lewis has 40 years of hands on experience operating a FCCU, mostly recently as the Senior Operations Specialist – FCC at LyondellBasell.

Bryan understands how to operate every aspect of the CatCracker because he worked his way through every job. Bryan started in the seven-man-rotation: 1) The bottom operator who works with cooling and distillation, depropanizer, stripper; 2) Number 1 handles oil compressors, towers; 3) takes care of catalyst transfer, blower, heater, converter port; 4) works with utilities and steam header; 5) boardman who literally ran the board (not the digital touch screens of today), 6) stillman assisted outside operators, ran the unit; 7) shift foreman. He’s also been, project supervisor, gatekeeper (coordinator between maintenance and operations for day-to-day running of the unit in FCC and Oil Movements), operations coordinator for turnarounds, SME of the fluid unit (including PHAs), assisted in writing procedures and training operators on procedures (shutdown, startup and day-to-day operations) and tested operators.

Here’s a man close to iron who is passing on his lifetime of FCC operations knowledge.


Payment is due prior to the start of the seminar by Visa, Master Card, American Express, bank wire transfer or corporate check. Training fees will be charged to your credit card at the time of registration unless other arrangements have been made. Make checks payable to “ Inc”.

Refund Policy

Fees are fully refundable until April 17, 2017 (three weeks before the event), after which a $200 USD fee will be charged for cancellations. Registering for this training course prior to April 17, 2017, will help maximize the probability that the course will proceed as planned.  Cancellations after May 1, 2017 (1 week before class until 24 hours before class) are charged a 50% fee. All other cancellations and no-shows are non-refundable.  Substitutions are allowed.  Submit all cancellations and transfers in writing, by email or by fax.

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