Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines – Galveston 2017

Thank you for your interest in presenting at RefComm® Galveston 2017. We are currently accepting abstracts for all programs. For priority consideration, please submit your abstracts today. Please do not hesitate to contact Becky Peterson with questions or concerns.

  1. Titles and Abstract due Immediately
  2. Presentation Draft due Immediately
  3. Permission to Distribute due Immediately
  4. Presenter Photo and Bio due Immediately
  5. Company Logo due Immediately
  6. Registration due Immediately
  7. International Visa due Immediately
  8. Final PowerPoint due March 17, 2017

1. Titles and Abstract

Due Immediately

To be considered for a presentation time-slot, submit your titles and abstract as soon as possible.

  • Regular Title – The title, presenter’s name and company should be no longer than 115 characters with spaces.
  • Abstract – A full description of the scope of your presentation.

All abstracts will be considered by our board of advisors; a group of refiners and other industry professionals, who will vet presentations based on their interest level in the topic and the topic’s value to the industry.

Preference will be given to presentations citing case studies and operating experience from the refinery personnel.

Vendor presentations that are co-authored with operating companies are encouraged.

Upon approval of your topic, you will be asked to complete your registration.

2. Draft

Due Immediately

Upon the approval of your abstract, prepare your draft in PowerPoint format.

It should include a maximum of 30 slides.

Typical presentation time is 25 minutes plus 5 – 10 minutes for Q&A.

Example PowerPoint title slide Example content slide
RefComm<sup>®</sup> Galveston 2017 sample slide Sample Content Slide

The first slide is your Title Slide.  It needs to have the presentation title, the presenter’s contact information, the company logo, and the RefComm® graphic.

RefComm<sup>®</sup> badge

Click to download

  • Use 18 point font or larger.  Use contrasting colors for clear viewing in the presentation hall.
  • Use pages numbers on your slides.
  • You may include a video clip into your presentation. Video files must be embedded in the PowerPoint file as a compliant file type.
  • Use high resolution photos. They display and print better. Do not compress them. Your file will be much larger and may load slowly, but the clarity of both the projected and published presentation is worth it. If the photos are really dark, lighten them up or request our assistance.
  • Please send your draft to Becky:

Email as attachment (less than 10MB)
Or send large files here

  • Your draft will be reviewed for formatting and content.  A punch list will be emailed back to you regarding the necessary changes.

3. Permission to Distribute Form

Due Immediately

All presenters are required to fill out, sign, and return the PTD form before the deadline.  This form specifies your wishes regarding the promotion and publication of your presentation.

Download Permission to Distribute Form (PDF)

4. Presenter Biography and High Resolution Photo

Due Immediately

Please send a short biography and a photograph for each presenter. The photograph can be a formal headshot or a casual image. It should be a pleasant and clear image of the presenter and at least 1mb in size. Biographies should be 5 sentences or less and should include: name, title, company, number of years in the industry, 1 career highlight, and 1 personal factoid.

Jimmy John is the VP of Operations for XYZ Company. He has been with XYZ for 42 years. Jimmy holds 120 patents and has published 72 articles. He enjoys long range archery competition with his three sons.

5. Company Logo

Due Immediately

View Logo GuidelinesPlease send us your company logo. EPS or AI (vector) files are preferred. If that is not available provide a PNG or JPG file, at least 1000 pixels longest width or height.

6. Registration

Due Immediately

All presenters are expected to register and pay to attend the conference.

  • Completion and payment of registration is required by due date.
  • Registration payment is required to be included in all printed promotional and conference material.
  • Vendor presenters are eligible for a $100 registration discount. Type code PRESENTER100 in the “For Official Use” Field when you register.
  • Refiner presenters will receive a 50% registration discount.  Type code REFINER50 in the “For Official Use” Field when you register.
  • Should you have any concerns regarding registration or fees, please address them with Becky before submission of your presentation draft.

7. International Visa

If you require a visa to enter the United States, please apply for it immediately.  Becky will happily supply you with a Letter of Invitation upon request. You must confirm receipt of your visa before March 1, 2017.

8. Final PowerPoint

Due March 17, 2017

Email as attachment (less than 10MB)
Or send large files here

Thank you in advance for your timely submissions.  Our goal is to produce your presentations with the highest degree of professionalism.  We will be contacting you directly regarding other ways to promote your presentation.

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