Steam Tracing / Steam Trap Best Practices

Presented By

Tom Perry - QMax Industries Inc.

Conference: Galveston 2017

The decision you make on selecting the most appropriate and effective heating solution for your application processes should not be an afterthought. There are many factors that need to be considered for this critical implementation. We will review a step-by-step guide to this decision process that includes understanding Heat Transfer fundamentals and the basics of steam tracing and steam traps. We’ll lay out the various product option types, the best use of each and, explain how to design and size the project.

You will learn how to identify and implement the most appropriate solutions for various processes requiring heat in the refining industry with the goal of reducing required supporting infrastructure. As we share customer examples of steam tracing for Heavy Crude, Asphalt, Coker Feed and Sulfur applications, we’ll discuss how to take advantage of opportunities for energy savings as well.

Tom Perry, PresenterThomas W. Perry is Mechanical Engineer from Clarkson University with over 17 years of experience in industrial heat transfer technologies. He is the Founder and President of QMax Industries, Inc. specializing in Steam Tracing. He is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of QMax Catalytic, LLC and President of Precise Thermal, LLC. Tom holds three patents in the field of heat transfer and has many more pending. He is from Upstate NY but has lived in Charlotte, NC with his wife and three kids for over 20 years.

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