Refractory Lining Inside a SRU Claus Unit

Presented By

Ferruccio Meggiorini - S.C.A Energy

Conference: Budapest 2017

Focus on deviations between as specified/designed and installed

  • Plant problems associated with them (hot spot, acid gas infiltration, shell corrosion)
  • Unplanned shutdowns of plants and cost for dismantling and repair
  • Long delivery time of refractory materials
  • Importance of good supervision and inspection during lining erection
  • Difficulty in diagnosing problems
  • Tubesheets: importance of good and right installation of ceramic ferrule, problem of tube corrosion due from a poor ferrule installation perspective
  • Dry-out: Ramp execution, position of thermocouple and monitoring of the temperature
  • Correct maintenance and periodic inspection of refractory lining to extend the life of CLAUS
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