Managing the Heat Balance between the Main Column and the Gas Plant

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Conference: Galveston 2018

Presentation followed by extensive Q&A or Workshop

Latest updates on Main Column Gas plant designs for Steam Cracking & FCC with PetroChem integration.

FCC Steam Cracker integration with water belt heat integration or C3 Splitter heat integration for Chemical and polymer grade by Technip.

What is required for the C3 splitter & other ancillary units to produce polymer grade propylene?

The 3 issues below could be starting points for discussions? Current operation? Maybe ways to improve? Any issues? How often and what /how are changes made?

Topics to start discussion

  1. If integrated between main fractionator and entire gas plant, steam reboilers in deethanizer and debutanizer maintain the balance of heat. When to change pump around or heat gas oil for heater medium in reboilers. If using de-propanizer can you send fractionator bottoms to other units to use as heat?
  2. How to manage heat balance in the gas plant and your temporary profile in the main column?
  3. When you are all over the map and there’s no “normal” heat profile in fractionator where do you look for guidance?
  4. How does this affect your operation? What issues do you encounter? Suggestions for improvement? How often and what/how are changes made?
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