Increase FCC Run Length: Mitigate Plugging and Reduce Coking

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Seeking a Presenter from a Process Consulting Service (PCS) or Licensor -

Conference: Galveston 2018

For the converter section and main column and for equipment in the exchanger circuits.
Presentation followed by extensive Q&A or Workshop

  1. Causes of coke buildup. In the reactor, discuss feedstock changes, dumbbell crudes and switching to diesel operating modes. Where are the common coking areas in the reactor/regen? How do you fix that?
  2. What operations can do to keep vessels clean, for example reducing residence time of slurry in the fractionator or adjusting temperature. Discussions from licensor and refiners.
  3. Preparations to ensure optimal performance for the profit season (summer gasoline) and awareness during the period.
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