How do you Define Operational Excellence

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Conference: Galveston 2018

operator excellenceHow do you define Operational Excellence? Can you use components like the length of uptime without incident, reliability metrics, catalyst loss, meeting or exceeding production goals etc.? Can you compare to other refinery FCCUs or are there too many variables? How does that compare or contrast with “Best in Class” or “1st Quartile Performance”? Is there a human element like job satisfaction? If so, how would you describe or measure that?

Does excellence evolve from the company culture or does the culture evolve from the attributes and practices of excellence?

An operator’s perspective could be “Operational Excellence is where operators are empowered to make decisions to get the most out of the unit on a shift by shift basis, without intervention.  They are allowed to have input on process control. In order to achieve that, the company supports and invests in their operators on a continuous basis.

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