Freeze Preparedness

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Conference: Galveston 2018

Iced RefineryWeather phenomenon like flooding, extreme winds and freezing can wreak havoc on our refining processes. Unexpected freezing in the southern US states led to power outages, incidents and shutdowns in CatCrackers.

In this workshop, your FCCU peers will share stories of the issues they encountered and how they dealt with them, what worked, what didn’t work. Their Lessons Learned will be the springboard for others to share what was effective for them, and where they need to improve. Refiners from the northern states and Canada have a lot of experience with severe cold – we invite you to contribute. The take-aways will be to pick up lessons learned, get ideas for improving your own action plan and how to be even better prepared for the next hurricane and avoid incidents.

Since its inception twenty years ago, Refining Community’s goal has been that we all benefit from the combined knowledge and contributions of this community. This is another excellent opportunity for you to share and learn with your FCCU peers.

Gary Pitman and Colleague Refinery Cold Weather

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