Controlling a Flooded Tower

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Seeking Facilitators: Operations personnel and a representative from a tower and/or tray company -

Conference: Galveston 2018

FCC Fractionator ColumnHow do you control a flooded tower? What circumstances got you into this situation? How do you get out of it? Discussion includes gas plant operations. The starting point is: you’re running of the debutanizer overhead analyzer, your level indicator quits, you have no other indication than high C2.

During this workshop, facilitators guide us through the discussion. All of us are encouraged to share similar situations and contribute possible causes for the issue. Then we’ll offer suggestions to and discuss the pros and cons of the actions.

In the collective experience of the authors of this HP article, FCC Collector Tray Leaks Impact Column Operations, one of the most valuable pieces of refinery fractionation equipment is the collector tray.

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