Autorodding Solutions: Don’t get Smacked by Partially Plugged Taps

Presented By

Hans Sauer - Clearguard

Conference: Galveston 2017

Confidence in accurate Process Variable Measurements are critical to the safe and efficient operation of every refinery process unit. In dirty, scaling and sooty processes, instrument taps begin to plug and Field Instrument data is compromised. Typical methods to treat this problem include oversize Taps, excessive expensive purge use, risky manual rodding and blowing down, operating blind and using the alert function in advanced diagnostic pressure and differential pressure transmitters.

  • Manual clearing techniques put personnel into the potential line of fire and requires the process loop to be isolated and out of production.
  • Using high purge flow to keep taps clear is unnecessary, expensive and counterproductive as often scale/solid build-up in the bore of the Tap is due to a diff. temperature effect.
  • SMART field transmitters are able to signal to operators that a tap bore is partially plugged, manual remedial action or unit outages are still required to clear the tap.

Today, an automated solution is available to solve the problem rather than treat the symptoms. Installing Autorodders between your process and field transmitter, will ensure that you have safe, reliable, accurate Pv measurement 24/7.

This presentation will discuss how to eliminate a hazard by fully automating a risky manual task, guaranteeing reliable and accurate Pv Measurements, reducing the need for excessive purge and resulting in greater unit efficiencies, less spurious outages or downtime and will include details of a Sulphur application that has been successfully operating at a BP refinery for over 12 years.

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