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The Ideal Coker – Redux

- Gary Pitman, Inc. & Evan Hyde, Inc.

Realize Maximum DeltaValve Advantage – Minimize Unexpected Cost

- Les Osborne, DeltaValve LLC & Danny Ollre, DeltaValve LLC

PFCC Feed Constraints

- Satyendra Balot, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals (MRPL)

NBS vs. Continous Level

- David Williams, VEGA

A Clean Future for Coke Handling: A Grass Root Project and a Revamp Case Study

- Cristina Guazzotti, KT Kenetics Technology SpA with LOTOS

Handling Delayed Coker Disturbances with APC

- Arnaud Nougues, Yokogawa Europe Solutions B.V.

Fatigue Life / Reliability Consideration during Field Repair of Coke Drum / Piping

- Reliance Industries Ltd. , Umakanthan Anand & Amec Foster Wheeler , Tej Chadda

The Most Likely Futures for US Refining

- Edward Arnold, Argus Media

Issues to Consider Before Planning a 5 – 6 Year Run

- Lee Wells, LyondellBassell & James Doherty, LyondellBassell

Honoring the CatCracking Advisors

- Christopher Dean, & Bryan Lewis,

DeltaValve and TapcoEnpro Announce Global Service Strategy

- Ruben Lah, DeltaValve, LLC. & Jerry Waggoner, DeltaValve, LLC.

Transfer of Knowledge: Building Comradery within a Worldwide Industry

- Ryan Schoel, Sinclair Wyoming Refining Co. & Gary Pitman,

Honoring the Coker Advisors

- Gary Pitman , & Evan Hyde,

Decoking Control Valve: A Year Without Incident

- Frank Pina Jr., Flowserve Corporation

Remote Intelligent Hydraulic Decoking Control System

- , Luoyang Jianguang Special Equipment Co., Ltd.

Closed Coke Slurry System

- Werner Vermeire, Triplan Technology

Successful Reversal of Deterioration in an Old Set of Coke Drums

- Pierre Du Plessis, Suncor Energy (Retired) & Dr. Mahmod Samman, Houston Engineering Solutions, LLC

Modernizing a Vintage CatCracker

- Donald Leigh, HollyFrontier El Dorado

Level Measurement in DCU and FCC Fractionators – Challenges and Solutions

- Dr. Jan Sielk, Berthold Technologies GmbH & Co KG

Importance of Maintaining a Sense of Vulnerability During Coking HAZOPs

- Alek Hamparian, Kazarians & Associates, Inc.

FCC Naphtha Post-treatment

- Henrick Rasmussen, Haldor Topse Inc.

FCCU Heartburn Panel

- Mel Larson, KBC & Erwin Rommel, Shell & Mark Noppenberger, Van Tongeren Americas LLC & Tej Chadda, Amec Foster Wheeler

Linking the Plant to Refinery Economics

- Dave Geddes, PREP Consulting, Inc.

PFCC Feed Constraints

- Satyendra Balot, MRPL

Closed Coke Slurry System

- Sunil Kulkarni, TRIPLAN Technology GmbH & Werner Vermeire, TRIPLAN Technology GmbH

Amec Foster Wheeler Heater Best Practices

- Pat Bernhagen, Amec Foster Wheeler

Keynote at RefComm® Mumbai – Decoking in India

- Dr. Wolfgang Paul, RuhrPumpen

Coke Drum Flow Distributions

- Julian Bedoya, Stress Engineering Services Inc. & Jeyam Kumar, DeltaValve

Remaining Life Assessment of Coker Heater Tubes

- Atul Ganpatye, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.

Coke Cutting System for Cokers in India

- Dr. Wofgang Paul, RuhrPumpen

Effect of Processing Biomass Pyrolysis Oil on Product Yields

- Dr. Satyen Kumar Das, IOCL R&D Centre

DCU Revamp for Capacity and Efficiency Increase

- Hardeep Sigh, Bharat Oman Refining Ltd. Bina Refinery

Mechanical Coker Buckets: Inspection, Repair, & Rebuilding

- Jon Craft, Anvil Attachments, LLC & Anil Sutar, WMI Konecranes India, Ltd.

Support Network Critical to Coker Crane Success

- Mark Laughlin, Konecranes America & Anil Sutar, WMI Konecranes India, Ltd.

Remaining Life of Coke Drums

- Dr. Mahmod Samman, P.E, Houston Engineering Solutions, LLC

DCU Furnace On-Line Spalling

- Richard Heniford, Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions, Inc. & Tony Hudson, Bechtel Hydrocarbon Technology Solutions, Inc.

Coker Furnace Run Length

- Niaz Mustafa, Heurtey Petrochem

Coke Drum MOV PLC Permissive Interlock System Availability

- Mitchell Moloney, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Featured Technologies

- Stephen Karns, HarbisionWalker International & Stein Carlse, Jiangnan Environmental Technology, Inc.

Pushing the Limits of FCC Gasoline Desulfurization

- George Hoekstra, Hoekstra Trading Co

Remediation of Blowdown Lines with Severe Cracking Problem

- Scott Bouse, Stress Engineering Services

Sulfur Pits – On-Line/Off-Line Evaluation Approach

- Thomas Kline, Structural Technologies

Elevator Reliability

- Gil Prado, McDonough Elevators

Introduction of Hydraulic Decoking Technology in China

- Luoyang Jianguang Petrochemical Equipment

Cargo Cults and New Applications Case Study

- Robert Dunlap, Valdes Engineering

Case Study – Oil-filled Transformer Pre-Failure Detection

- Charlie Smith,

I&E Heartburn Panel

- Daryl Groves, BP & Ryan Holgate, BP & Robert Dunlap, Valdes Engineering

10 Points of Project Constructability

- Russ Hillenburg, Beckinson Constructability Consulting Partners & James Robinson, Beckinson Constructability Consulting Partners

Coke Drum MAWP and Coke Bed Quenching Controls

- Mitchel Moloney, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering

Current Damage and Remaining Life Estimates for Coker Heaters

- John Norris, Stress Engineering Services

Appropriate Application Level for Wireless Instrumentation

- Thomas Garry, Emerson Process Management

SRU-TGTU Analyzer Best Practices

- Randy Hauser, Ametek Process Instruments

Exploring Problems and Solutions with the Jet Pump and Associated Equipment

- Charlie Smith, & Andrew Worley, Flowserve

Overview and Benefits of Dynamic SRU Modeling

- Andrew Nathan, Virtual Materials Group & James van der Lee , Virtual Materials Group

Optimizing FCC Maintenance Shutdowns During High Margins

- Christopher Dean, & Al English,

FCC AIR – Access, Inspection & Rescue

- Andrew Hodgkinson, Axess AS

FCCU Hot Topics

- Bryan Lewis, Lyondellbasell

Downsizing a Claus Sulfur Recovery Unit

- Charles Kimantas, Bechtel & Martin Taylor, Bechtel

Sulfur Capacity Expansion

- Charles Kimantas, Bechtel & Martin Taylor, Bechtel

Sulfur: Its Importance and Use in Industry and Agriculture

- Peter Clark, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd

FCCU Heartburn Panel

- Jerry Wilks, CITGO & CITGO Erwin Rommel, Shell & Larry Phillips, TapcoEnpro & Phillip Niccum, KPE & Rama Rao, CB&I & CB&I Chris Dean, & Al English,

The Ideal FCCU

- Al English,

Online Cleaning of Coker Jet Water Tanks and Mazes

- Michael Richard, Amigo/PAT & Jim Griffith, Amigo/PAT

Get Your Processing Unit’s Pulse – On a Smart Phone

- Rohit Robinson, Honeywell Process Solutions

Solutions to Challenges in Hydrotreating Sour Fuel Gas

- J. Michael Poulsen, Haldor Topsoe A/S

The Ideal SRU

- Noel Vicente,

Coke markets increasingly volatile

- Lauren Masterson, Argus Media

DCU Lifetime Achievement Award

- Gary Pitman, & Evan Hyde, & Steve Beeston, Amec Foster Wheeler

Harsh Service Actuators

- Ross Wolkart, EIM

An Efficient Ammonia-Based SRU Tail Gas Desulfurization Process

- Stein Carlsen, Stein Carlsen – Jiangnan Environmental Technology, Inc.

Sulfur Recovery Units: Application, Products, Competition

- Stephen Karns, HarbisionWalker International

Petroleum Coke Drum Handover and Cutting Performance: Best Practices

- Steve Stewart, Savage & David Sanders, Savage

Optimizing Distillate Yields and Product Properties

- Srini Srivatsan, Amec Foster Wheeler

The Three Most Common Failure Modes in Coke Drums and What to Do About Them

- Dr. Mahmod Samman, Houston Engineering Solutions

Coke Cutting Systems for Delayed Cokers in Warm Areas

- Dr. Wolfgang Paul, Ruhrpumpen GmbH

Reliability Improvement of Charge Pump

- KV Prasad Rakoti, Gujarat Refinery, IOCL & Sunil Kanti, Gujarat Refinery, IOCL

Practical Value: Utilizing Information from RefComm at Your Site

- Sonny Clark, Amec Foster Wheeler & Les Osborne, DeltaValve & Brent Sattler, Motiva & Thomas Cassels, Motiva Enterprises

Increasing FCC Residuum Processing with Blended LTOs

- Jim Trigg, GE Water & Kris Kohl, GE Water

Quenching and Preheating Of Coke Drums: A Deep Look

- Francisco Fernandez, PDVSA-INTEVEP

Strategies for Maximizing FCC Light Cycle Oil

- Ann Benoit, Grace Catalyst Technologies

Sour Water Stripping: Chevron WWT Technology

- Scott Alvis, Optimizing Gas Treating

Fact and Fantasy in Catalyst Selection

- George Hoekstra, Hoekstra Trading

Moving the FCC out of Its Comfort Zone

- Ziad Jawad, Technip Stone and Webster Process Technology

Increasing Diesel Yields in FCC Operations

- Renaud Parise, Nalco Champion

DCU Bolting: A Galling Prevention Case Study at Tesoro Golden Eagle

- Michael Psimas, Ph.D., BlackHawk Engineered Products

Winches and Winch Cable Safety

- Andrew Worley, Flowserve & Evan Hyde,

Girth Weld Failure Analysis in Coker Blowdown Headers

- Kia Gharib, Optimum Engineering Solutions

Fracture Mechanics: Screening of Coke Drum Cracks

- Dr. Mahmod Samman, Houston Engineering Solutions & Suncor Energy

Dust Suppression In Petcoke Handling Operations

- Michael Lewis, Dust Control Technology

Coke Drum Deheading Safety

- Mitchell Moloney, ExxonMobil

Utilizing the Flexibility of FCC Additives for Shale Oil Processing

- Todd Hochheiser, Johnson Matthey Process Management

A Brief Introduction to Fouling and Coking in Refinery Operations

- Dr. Ghaz Dickakian, Fouling and Coking Technology

New Techniques in Optimizing Shale and Other Opportunity Crudes

- Dr. Doug White, Emerson Process Management

Shale Oils: Crude Preheat Train Issues

- Mark Lockhart, Greg Savage & Dominic Varraveto, Nalco Champion & Burns McDonnell, Nalco Champion

Coke Outage Measurement Using Nuclear Levels

- David Williams, Vega Americas

Fouling and Contaminant Issues When Processing LTOs

- Nik Larsen, Marathon Petroleum Co.

Coker Safety and Reliability

- Dale Wilborn, Chevron

Improving Shale Oil Crude Heater Performance

- Ashutosh Garg, Furnace Improvements Services

History of FCC Catalyst Technology Developments

- Joe McLean, Astron International

New Inventions for Extending the Service Life of Coke Drums

- Mahmod Samman PhD., P.E, Houston Engineering Solutions

The Importance of Standards to the Future of the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry

- Dr. Maurice J. Wilkins, YOKOGAWA & Dr. Graham Bird, YOKOGAWA

FCCU and DCU Safety vs. Cost

- Neal Cammy, Blac Inc

More Propylene in Existing FCC Units and Revamps

- Christopher Dean, High Olefins FCC Technology Services

Improving FCCU Unit Performance

- Mel Larson, KBC Advanced Technologies & Joni Lipkowitz, KBC Advanced Technologies

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