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DeltaValve is a world leader in innovative, technically engineered products for the delayed coker (DCU). Best known for the development and installation of the world’s first fully automated coke drum unheading valve in 2001, we have continued to search out and solve some of the most challenging issues within the industry.

DeltaValve continues its legacy of developing leading edge of technology with development of the world’s first fully retractable center feed injection device. The retractable center feed device was developed to maintain the benefits of traditional coke drum center feed while accommodating side feed entry into the drum. This technology creates uniform, centered flow channels within the coke drum which reduce the rate of temperature change at the drum wall, reducing overall coke drum stresses and premature drum failure. Coke drum hot-spots and top head blowouts have also shown to be reduced through use of the center-feed injection device.

Additional key products developed by DeltaValve include our coke drum top unheading valves with cutting tool enclosures and blowout diverters, the remotely operated auto-switch coke cutting tool, electric actuation of our unheading valves and center-feed devices utilizing innovative planetary roller screw technology, and ultra-tight sealing isolation valves for DCU blow down, overhead module, inlet feed lines, and other applications.

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